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My New Boyfriend
Clothed Female Naked Male Gold
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My best friend Mandy was over for tea one afternoon when my new boyfriend Van called and asked if he could stop by after work. Mandy was so excited to meet him in person. She could tell by the pictures I'd shown her that he was a handsome muscular guy, and knowing my naughty side, she couldn't help but hope she'd get to do a little more than just meet him! I told her that we were into 'trying new things.' She knew what this meant, and plans to seduce him were made... He walked into the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised to find two hot babes waiting for him! He commented on how sexy we looked and I knew it was on. He'd barely gotten the chance to sit down before I was taking off his shirt to show his firm chest off to Mandy who was impressed and aroused. Driven by pure animal instinct, neither of us could help but lick his delectable nipples as soon as we saw them. One of the things I love about Mandy is that she ain't shy! No way! It was obvious where things were headed, and without skipping a beat she was on her knees tugging at his belt and pawing at the bulge between his legs.

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